You probably just heard of Socially Smashing and Nicole Jolie.  But Nicole is not new to this game of marketing.  Since the age of 13, Nicole has marketed her way into the hearts and minds of people.  First selling her Coup de Grace Cookies to small coffee shops in La Jolla, California.  Riding her bike to deliver freshly baked gourmet cookies and discovering along the way how to market herself, her brand, and her limited, eclectic style of authentic naivete.  

Rejection was normal and every day was a new set of challenges.  Today is no different.   

Nicole has trademarked her own line anti aging skin care for athletes selling on Amazon, creating multiple different websites on Shopify using as many themes as are available and plugins to make the theme better and more engaging. She has white labeled kitchen ware, aprons and 100% recycled plastic shopping totes.  Socially Smashing was started when her friend Joel would exclaim, "Nicole, you are socially smashing!" referring to her ideas, her gusto and the guts it took to put herself out there.

What can you learn from Nicole? 
You can learn from her ideas, her implementation, and her dedication.
Nicole's main goal is to help small business make big bucks while maintaining a realistic approach to marketing.  Nicole maintains a value driven asset in her business, it's called "Being Real".

Nicole helps small businesses make big bucks using social media marketing strategies that work.  She only works with business owners who are dedicated to their brand, their business and their customers.  She helps them create a winning strategy that can continually grow and scale with their business.  The businesses who get the most out of working with Nicole and her approach are small business owners who truly want to see their clients get value from what they have to offer.


Every campaign I launch starts with a dream - your dream. And the first thing I do to discover that dream is listen to you. I want to hear about your company, your goals and your expectations. Once I understand what your expectations are, we select the strategy that’s most suitable to help you reach your expectations. We choose your implementation based on your expectations and how much you want to dedicate to your success.  Remember this is your business and I cannot run it for you, just as you cannot run my business for me.  As a member of your team with your goal in mind, I help you set realistic expectations and implementations using your strategy.


If you're not where you want to be in your business it's not because you hired the wrong person.
My no-nonsense approach to getting things accomplished starts with this:  Work on one thing at a time.  Focus on that one thing until you complete it, in its' entirety and you test it.  Then move on.  The divesting of energies into too many different things at once only leads down a road to confusion, overwhelm and half-assed money loss due to inefficient strategies.  When you join The Brand Awareness Bootcamp we chunk down your strategy by focusing on the ONE THING and then move on to the next thing that needs to be accomplished in order to create more money, more sales, more customers, and more conversions.
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