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Top 3 Socially Smashing Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today!
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Socially Smashing

Socially Smashing Social Media Strategies
Helping Small Business Make Big Bucks

Hi.  I'm Nicole Jolie. 
A self-proclaimed social media superhero who started Socially Smashing to gain an edge on social media marketing.
At the end of 2017, the market for social media superheros is saturated with everyone donning a cape and claiming their social media prowess.  

The problem is not many superheros have developed a winning strategy, instead insisting the generic marketing they're learning from the blogs and super-hyper marketing gurus is going to work for your specific business.  

The superhero sells you on their generic marketing model and makes it super cheap and you believe they'll save the day.  In the end you end up disappointed.   Why?  Because you don't have a social media strategy.

Less than 2% of the people who follow you on your Facebook FanPage, engage with you.  Of all the billions of people on Facebook, this is really kinda pathetic for the small business owner, you gotta pay to play.

I'm not here to tell you magic fairy tales, there is no magic pill for engagement and you're up against a huge amount of competition.  The person who tells you "oh don't believe that" is blowing smoke up your ass.

  It's delusional to think people are going to be rabidly eating up your organic posts beating down the doors to your business in hopes to get the 5% off coupon.  Don't kid yourself.  The funny cat video awaits, and that cute piglet meme is all too enticing.  Your 5% coupon is ... well, seriously? 

If you're trying (operative word) to engage your customers on social media with organic posting.  Good luck. 

Look, I spend about 12 - 16 hours a day on social media, be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Reddit.   Today I am creating a LIVE that will go out on my Facebook page, then I'll be posting on Reddit, then I'll be engaging with people on my FBFP, and then I'll be sharing a story on Instagram, and then...
If you're not interested in all that work, I don't blame you.  It's hard.  It's long.  It's arduous.  I'll give you a free 30-minute consult and upsell you on my fabulous services.  No joke.  I will.  I don't get paid for FREE.  I get paid for helping clients.  

This is an excellent beginner social media consult use the button below, fill out the obligatory client intake form.  Even if you schedule your time on my calendar, if the form isn't filled out, I won't meet with you.

If you're not interested in a free 30 minute consult, then tune in to my daily LIVES on Facebook where I share a plethora of marketing knowledge. These are hosted on my Facebook page where you can get some great ideas about how to use social media platforms specifically for your business benefit.

Work with Nicole Jolie. Fill out my client intake survey and you'll receive a free 30-minute consultation by clicking the button below.

What 30 Minutes Can Do For Your Business

Make Money Online 
Book Your 60-Minute 
Social Media Marketing Strategy

What's this 60-Minute Socially Smashing Social Media Marketing Strategy? 

It's a real strategy specific to your needs and built for your business.  
Do I have to pay for it?  Yep.  You do.
What's different between this and your free 30 minute strategy?
I don't give you specific ideas in your 30 minute strategy, the 30 minutes is generic, you do the talking, I do the listening.  I will upsell you on my services.
What do you do in the 60-Minute Strategy that's so great?
I help you see where you're at, and what you can possibly do to make some changes to your current strategy to gain traction.  If you so choose. It's your choice, if you really want to change your marketing strategy and create online bad-assery then, we'll make it happen.  I'm as invested as you are so I help you,
set up a strategy that works for your specific business, as opposed to what you're doing that everyone else is doing expecting that it's going to make you money.

I give you ideas that you probably haven't thought of, and ways to get them implemented effectively (I didn't say easily or fast or with hyper speed)
I'm very honest with what you're facing and what you can expect.
I don't give you hype. I give you a marketing strategy you can take away and start implementing right away.

  I give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Look, the best in the industry, create super slick special strategies for social media marketing success and that's why they're making bank and their competitors aren't. 

Your 60-Minute Social Media Strategy is the way to mastermind with me, create a strategy that sells your product and stop you from hitting your hand to your forehead saying, "Yea, coulda used a strategy to make this simpler."
Give Me a Strategy for Success
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