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Top 3 Socially Smashing Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today!
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About Nicole

I started my little cottage business when I was 13.  Selling cookies to local coffee shops in La Jolla, California.  I moved to New York City in 1985 when I was 17 with just $50 in my pocket. 
I graduated college with a degree in Finance even though I was a high school dropout.  I've worked as a runner on the NYSE, as a clerk on the COMEX, and as an administrative assistant for every wanna be manager and vice president in New York City in the 80's and 90's.  I coordinated satellite feeds for NBC News and worked on Saturday Night Live.  I have had an interesting life, and have fallen on many hard times.  I trained triathletes, and was one for many years, I was also a CPT with the NASM.  I have biked over 2,000 miles, run about 1,000.  I'm very capable.   

My strategy session helps you look at your marketing with different directives.  You start to challenge your generic thoughts, the way that others may not grasp or understand so that you start creating a space for your  marketing and advertising to be the two separate components they are.  They only connect at a very specific point.  
I share that point with you in our 60-Min Strategy session.
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Your 60-Minute Strategy

Analytics Strategy

Gathering big data is just part of your analytics solution If you're not tracking, you just don't know your audience.  It's very simple.  Track. Test your market. Review your analytics and start speaking to your audience with the solutions to their problems.

Understanding what to do with your analytics data,  learning how to use it to your advantage, and processing it to make money online is important to the health of your business.

I help you strategically understand your analytics so that you can create more engagement with your audience.    
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Social Strategy

Social platforms speak different languages.  One size fits all generic marketing doesn't work for specific business.  

If you're a generic business, then it's highly advisable to use a generic strategy.  If you're a specific business who wants to delineate from the crowd, create a specific value proposition with a compelling message that connects with your customer and converts them from a brand browser to a brand loyalist, then you need a specific social media strategy.  

In your 60-minute strategy session we cover your value proposition as it relates to the specific social media platforms and how to speak to the people on those platforms who want what you have.
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Project Strategy

Finally we go over your project strategy and how you're going to implement.  Using a block system that will help you chunk out your strategic marketing so that you're reaching the people who want what you have. 

The overview is overwhelming sometimes, so I share with you viable alternatives, using Project Management services, software and guidance.

You'll receive the tools you need to handle new challenges with skill and dexterity. 

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